What are you in the mood for today?  Tantalize your tastebuds with a chocolate raspberry cake, or maybe a fresh lemon cake with cream cheese icing?  How about Grandma's old fashioned caramel cake?  We use only the finest ingredients- farm fresh eggs, imported chocolate and real butter.  Choose from a variety of flavors and fillings guaranteed to please every palate. 


Wedding Cake Flavors

Butter          Chocolate

Lemon          Almond


         Specialty cake flavors        

                                                      All of the above, plus

German Chocolate, Carrot

         Caramel,  Old Fashioned Chocolate,     


Red Velvet,  Spice




Raspberry          Strawberry

Bavarian Cream          Lemon

Chocolate Bavarian Cream

Pineapple            Coconut

Key Lime          Chocolate Mint

Peach          Apricot

Cream Cheese

White Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Cheesecake Mousse

Any Liqueur (Bailey's, Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Limoncello, etc.)

Any Nut (hazelnut, peanut butter, butter pecan, pistachio, etc.)



Don't see one you like? Feel free to make a suggestion!

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